Blank Marks – Lili Ország and Noémi Fábián

  • post war history
  • art
  • holocaust
  • drawing & prints
  • cultural history
  • religion
  • contemporary art

The exhibition creates a dialogue between one of Lili Ország’s paintings (Jelek / Signs) and the works of  contemporary artist Noémi Fábián.

Lili Ország and Noémi Fábián both approach Jewish identity, culture and memory via the written heritage of Jewish culture. The connection between text and image – the written and pictorial heritage of Jewish culture is crucial in the works of these artists.

‘Blank Marks’ considers letters as signs of the written culture, the symbol of the layers and strata of the past, as a gesture-like motif. While the works of Lili Ország can be called the ‘mementos’ of the collective memory, Noémi Fábián emphasizes the processing of the private past.

The publication of Hebrew letters of the Hungarian Jewish Archives deals with Hebrew inscriptions on the objects displayed in our collection. Therefore, this present exhibition is related to an on-going research, this time with the tools of fine arts.