Across Borders, Beyond Limits. Children on the Run 1939/2015

  • music & media
  • contemporary art
  • holocaust
  • social history
  • history
  • post war history
  • film/video
  • photography
  • cultural history

Exhibition in the Former Synagogue Kriegshaber on the occasion of the 5-year anniversary as the second location of the Jewish Museum Augsburg Swabia

In 1938/39, more than 10,000 Jewish girls and boys were rescued from the German Reich by Kindertransporte. Alone in a foreign country, whose language they often did not speak and without knowing the fate of their parents and siblings, the new beginning was difficult and burdened by fears, feelings of guilt and trauma.

The exhibition focuses on these multiple crossings of borders, from the national and linguistic border to that of the emotionally tangible – 80 years ago as well as in the present. Together with the stories of Jewish Kindertransport-Children from Augsburg and Swabia, the exhibition deals with the lives of unaccompanied underage refugees in Augsburg today. They are all children on the run.