Lady Bluetooth. Hedy Lamarr

If Hedy Lamarr would be alive today, she might have become a top scientist, financing her studies with a modeling career. In her time, the world envisaged a woman’s “career” as an object of desire rather than as an independent scientist. Born in 1914 in Vienna as Hedwig Kiesler, the daughter of a bank director and a concert pianist, she soon became an inventor to keep her keen intellect busy. But like many other women of her day, she relied… | Read more »

The Ephrussis. Travel in Time

The stories that objects tell about the people that once collected them, held them in their hands, passed them on and found them again are the focus of the exhibition at the Jewish Museum Vienna. It examines the fate of the Ephrussi family, who originated from Russia, and their voluntary and involuntary travels between Russia, Austria, France, Great Britain, Spain, the USA, Mexico, Japan and other countries. On the basis of selected objects, documents and pictures, the economic and social… | Read more »

Let´s Dance! The Viennese cafetier Otto Pollak

Café Palmhof was located at Mariahilferstrasse 135 in Vienna’s 15th district and was operated from 1919 by Otto Pollak (1894–1978) and his brother Karl (1889–1943). The two brothers made Café Palmhof a popular Viennese meeting place. During the day it was run as a coffee house, while concerts, dances and social events, such as the 1933 “Fräulein-Wien-Wahl”, took place in the evenings. Many musicians performing in Café Palmhof are forgotten today, but were stars back then. Live radio broadcasts by… | Read more »

Charlotte Salomon: Life? or Theatre?

‘Charlotte Salomon: Life? or Theatre?’ is a major exhibition presenting one of the most important and powerful modernist achievements of the 20th century – the singular and complex artwork Life? or Theatre? by German-Jewish artist, Charlotte Salomon. Image caption credit: Charlotte Salomon, Leben? oder Theater? Ein Singspiel (Life? or Theatre? A Play with Music), 1941–42, gouache on paper. Collection Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, © Charlotte Salomon Foundation, Charlotte Salomon ®

Jew. Photographs by John Offenbach

‘Jew. Photographs by John Offenbach’ is the world premiere of a long-term photographic project by John Offenbach, a professional advertising photographer with over 25 years of experience.