On Friday, July 27 at 11:00, MEIS – Museo Nazionale dell’Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah  in Ferrara will host a meeting to raise awareness of the important cultural contributions that Sinti and Roma, as well as other minorities historically discriminated and persecuted, make to Italian society. The gathering will take place in the museum’s bookshop and is free of charge.


  • Institutional greetings
  • Talk by Davide Casadio, President of the Sinti Italy National Association and of the Roma and Sinti Italy Federation
  • Guido Vitale, Editor of Pagine Ebraiche, presents ‘Mondes tsiganes. La fabrique des images. Une histoire photographique, 1860-1980’, the ongoing major exhibition on the nomad communities at the Musée de l’immigration, Paris.
  • Magda Iazzetta, teacher at the Dante Alighieri Comprehensive Institute, reads two excerpts from Ceija Stojka’s works, a passage from the book ‘Perhaps I dream of living? A Roma girl in Bergen-Belsen’ and from the speech given during the audience granted by Pope Benedict XVI to 3,000 European Sinti and Roma, in 2012.
  • The filmaker Ruggero Gabbai presents the history of the making of his documentary ‘Cici daci dom, we Gypsies of Italy’.
  • The event will close with the gypsy ballad for solo violin ‘Dža more’ by the Czech composer Sylvie Bodorová, played by the violinist Lucilla Rose Mariotti.