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CAJM Conference – Los Angeles

The Council of American Jewish Museums is delighted to open registration for its next conference, The Creative Challenge: Museums for the Next Generation, to be held in Los Angeles from March 3-5, 2019. In addressing “The Creative Challenge,” CAJM recognize that museums serve many purposes. They are centers for memory, knowledge, and discourse, as well as sites of inspiration, gathering, and creativity. For Jewish museums in particular, fulfilling our creative potential while living up to our responsibilities can be complex. Yet within this… | Read more »

This has been a crucial year for the Foundation for Jewish Heritage in becoming more firmly established within the cultural heritage scene in the United Kingdom and internationally. Click here for the full report.  Mapping the Historic Synagogues of Europe The Foundation has commissioned research to create an inventory of the historic synagogues across Europe, categorizing each according to (i) significance and (ii) condition. The research identified over 3,300 sites covering 48 countries and was made publicly available via a… | Read more »

On Monday November 19 (19:00 – 20:30) the Golem Jewish Theatre in Budapest presents ‘Final Cut’. The piece questions prejudice and nescience about Jews, and other religious groups and ethnic minorities. It will be subtitled in English especially for the participants of the AEJM Annual Conference. Get your tickets (8,50 EUR) here! Please note: subtitles are best readable from the last 5 rows (see image below).

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center (Moscow) invites researchers in the field of history and culture of Jews in Russia to apply for a fellowship. Applicants with affiliations in research and educational centers outside Russia are invited to extend their practice in Moscow’s archives and libraries. Terms of the fellowship: • Amount of the grant: 100,000 rubles (about $1,500) per month for researchers without degree; 150,000 rubles (about $2,200) for researchers with academic degree; • Paid trip to Moscow and back;… | Read more »