Posts By: Ana Cahen-Eden

The Jewish Museum Berlin is one of the outstanding institutions within the European museum landscape. Its new core exhibition that opened in 2020, its temporary exhibitions, collections, events program, and the W. Michael Blumenthal Academy, as well as its digital and educational offerings, make the museum a vibrant place for dialogue and reflection on Jewish past and present in Germany. ANOHA, The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin, tells the story of Noah’s Ark in a playful way geared… | Read more »

Get to know the brand new ANOHA Children’s World in Berlin! Dr. Ane Kleine-Engel will speak about the concept and development process of the children’s museum, and the participatory work with the children’s counselling board. Caroline Riggert will talk about the ANOHI’s, the team of pedagogically trained personal on the museum floor, and how to visit ANOHA both in times of COVID-regulations and post-pandemic. We will also look into the work in progress at ANOHA: planned workshops and future partnerships…. | Read more »

School workshops, debates, guided tours, culinary workshops … How can we measure their effectiveness? Is it simple or is it complicated? What methodologies are available? How can you apply the findings? Join our dedicated MEST workshop Evaluation of Online Museum Activities to learn about effective techniques of evaluating online museum activities. You will learn what information can be obtained with or without a user email database. You will find that online event evaluation is not difficult at all, and can… | Read more »

This year’s Curatorial Education Programme (CEP) will again be held as a webinar and will take place October 11-15, 2021. The focus will be on Italian Judaica and Hebraica on the one hand, and on Polish/Galician/Ukrainian Judaica and Hebraica on the other. As last year, we will again use historical textual material for this purpose. Since most of the basic texts for these areas have also been published in German-language periodicals, we will once again arrange for the translation of… | Read more »