This has been a crucial year for the Foundation for Jewish Heritage in becoming more firmly established within the cultural heritage scene in the United Kingdom and internationally. Click here for the full report. 

Mapping the Historic Synagogues of Europe

The Foundation has commissioned research to create an inventory of the historic synagogues across Europe, categorizing each according to (i) significance and (ii) condition. The research identified over 3,300 sites covering 48 countries and was made publicly available via a dedicated website.

This mapping was undertaken to bring a comprehensive and strategic approach to the Foundation’s work, enabling it to identify which are today the most important synagogue sites most at risk, and they are now working to support efforts to help save a prioritized number, which are listed on the Projects Page of the Foundation’s website.

The Great Synagogue of Slonim is a baroque structure that has overlooked the Slonim town marketplace since 1642, and it remains the best preserved synagogue in Belarus despite decades of neglect.