Annual Conference 2019 – Ferrara

The AEJM Annual Conference 2019 will be hosted by Museo Nazionale dell’Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah (MEIS) in Ferrara, Italy.

Dates: 17-19 November, 2019
Optional Excursions: 20 & 21 November


Registration starts Sunday, November 17, 15:00. MEIS offers pre-conference tours through the museum on Sunday at 13:30. The conference programme comprises lectures, conversations, focus-groups, project slams, and network opportunities to the backdrop of beautiful Ferrara (read the preliminary programme here). The 2019 AEJM conference is supported by the David Berg Foundation.

The optional day excursion on Wednesday 20 November will take participants by bus to Bologna and other places of Jewish heritage in the Emilia-Romagna region, including a museum visit to the Jewish Museum Bologna.
Costs: 65 EUR, incl. lunch
Departure from Ferrara: 08.00
Estimated time of arrival at Bologna Airport: 16:00

This year, conference delegates are cordially invited by Jack Arbib to join an additional excursion programme to Monte San Savino on Thursday 21 November. During the excursion, participants will learn about the project on the history of Jewish presence and absence in this Tuscan town. Participation is free of charge. Please note that at the end of the programme, participants will be transferred to Arezzo Train Station, with train connections south to Rome and north to Florence.
Departure from Ferrara: 08.00
Estimated time of arrival at Arezzo Train station: 16:00


Project Slam
The AEJM Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to showcase your project to Jewish museums and museum professionals across Europe. During the Project Slam sessions in Ferrara, recent, ongoing and upcoming projects of excellence will be presented in short and engaging talks.

The presentations will be a part of the AEJM Annual Conference’s official programme. Each presentation of the Project Slam lasts 10 minutes. The Project Slam will be followed by an Italian Coffee Table Talk wherein delegates can discuss all presented projects with the presenters. Projects of Excellence?
New core exhibitions; collaborative projects of different Jewish museums; collection research; exhibitions educational or digital projects; marketing research; groundbreaking events-programming, etc, all with international appeal or dimensions etc.

We invite our members to submit proposals for presentations. Please send your short proposal (not more than half a page) to Deadline for proposals: October 1, 2019. Selected projects will be invited by mid-October.



Please note that guests who are not Full or Associate Members of AEJM may only attend the conference by prior invitation and authorisation of AEJM and on payment of a guest fee of 250 EUR. Contact



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