Workshops 2014 in Warsaw


1. Personal gifts: their place and role in a collection - Judyta Pawlak and Dr Renata Piatkowska (POLIN)

Theatre of History: Materializing the History of Polish Jews - Prof. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

3. Pre-war Judaica in post-war collections: a challenge for Jewish museums - Nawojka Cieslinska-Lobkowicz

4. Life defined by objects. Educational use of the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive in museums - Monika Koszynska (POLIN)

5. Jewish heritage "appgraded": a case study in mobile learning - Maciek Zabierowski (Auschwitz Jewish Centre)

6. Lost and found in the collection. Rediscovered art in the Jewish Historical Institute's colelction - Teresa Smiechowska and Jakub Bendkowski (ZIH)

7. The Ringelblum Archive: a permanent exhibition - Dr Eleonora Bergman, Karolina Szymaniak and Aleksandra Bankowska (ZIH)

Workshops 2013 in Munich


1. City without Jews - Bernhard Purin (JMM) on exhibition making

2. Questions in Space. Let's make a blockbuster show! - Hannes Sulzenbacher on exhibition making

3. Exhibitions and Communities - Jutta Fleckenstein and Piritta Kleiner (JMM) on working with communities and exhibition making

4. Museum Education: Outreach - Museum without buidlings? - Elisabeth Schulte (JMM) on museum education

5. New Destinations. The re0use of Jewish built heritage - Otto Lohr (Bavarian Museum Service) on heritage management

Workshops 2012 in Vienna


1. Made in China, bought in the US, used in Vienna. Judaica in the age of globalization - Gabriele Kohlbauer-Fritz

2. Historical film footage and testimonies - Marcus Patka

3. Museum education. Artefacts and meaning - Hannah Landsmann

4. Archives and provenance. The diaspora of documents - Christa Prokisch

5. On the way to a new core exhibition - Werner Hanak-Lettner

6. Classical Judaica in the Muzicant collection - Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek



Workshops 2011 in London


1. Identifying and Interpreting Judaica - Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek and Sarah Harel Hoshen

2. Digitising collections and producing online exhibitions (in association with the Judaica Europeana project) - Liz Selby and Helena Liszka

3.Collecting and Interpreting Jewish Social History - Judith Vandervelde and Rickie Burman

4. Provenance Research and the JHM WWII Database - Julie-Marthe Cohen (Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam)



Workshops 2010 in Rome


1. Educational programmes: "We have a piece of your history. Come and discover it." - Turning art and history into a personal matter - Ghila Ottolenghi and Irit Levy

2. Documenting the Past and the Present: The Historic Archives of the Jewish Community of Fome and Heir Inventory Progess. - Claudio Procaccia and Silvia Hala Antonucci

3. Identifiying Judacia - Recognising Craftmanship and Symbols of Ritual Objects - Olga Melasecchi

4. Big Ideas, Small Spaces: Setting Up a Temporary Exhibition on Limited Budget and With no Room to Spare - Caterina Napoleone