Workshops 2012 in Vienna

Educational workshops were offered by the AEJM at the 2012 Annual Conference. They deal with vital aspects of curatorial and educational issues required by Jewish museums.

1. Made in China, bought in the US, used in Vienna. Judaica in the age of globalization - Gabriele Kohlbauer-Fritz

2. Historical film footage and testimonies - Marcus Patka

3. Museum education. Artefacts and meaning - Hannah Landsmann

4. Archives and provenance. The diaspora of documents - Christa Prokisch

5. On the way to a new core exhibition - Werner Hanak-Lettner

6. Classical Judaica in the Muzicant collection - Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek

Workshops 2011 in London

1. Identifying and Interpreting Judaica - Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek and Sarah Harel Hoshen

2. Digitising collections and producing online exhibitions (in association with the Judaica Europeana project) - Liz Selby and Helena Liszka

3.Collecting and Interpreting Jewish Social History - Judith Vandervelde and Rickie Burman

4. Provenance Research and the JHM WWII Database - Julie-Marthe Cohen (Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam)

Workshops 2010 in Rome

1. Educational programmes: "We have a piece of your history. Come and discover it." - Turning art and history into a personal matter - Ghila Ottolenghi and Irit Levy

2. Documenting the Past and the Present: The Historic Archives of the Jewish Community of Fome and Heir Inventory Progess. - Claudio Procaccia and Silvia Hala Antonucci

3. Identifiying Judacia - Recognising Craftmanship and Symbols of Ritual Objects - Olga Melasecchi

4. Big Ideas, Small Spaces: Setting Up a Temporary Exhibition on Limited Budget and With no Room to Spare - Caterina Napoleone