Practical Standard Regulations

Updated in accordance with decisions at Annual General Meeting, 19 November 2013


1. Membership (articles 4 and 5 of the bylaws)

1.1 Applicants for membership (4.5) shall apply through an application form that shall be provided through the AEJM website or the Association’s secretariat.

1.2 Museums wishing to join AEJM and to support the aims of the AEJM as Full Members (4.2) should complete an application form and send a brief report on their activities. It is proposed that they should be asked to:
• state if they are registered as a legal entity/not for profit organisation and attach evidence to confirm this status
• indicate how many staff they employ
• provide a brief description of their collections and activities
• indicate if they are open to the public and their opening hours
• indicate if they are an independent museum or part of a parent organisation
• indicate if they are members of another museum association (eg ICOM)

1.3 Museums wishing to join the AEJM and to support the aims of the AEJM as Institutional Associate Member (4.3) can apply for membership if they are either:
• a European museum with a collection or a department devoted to Judaica and Jewish history and with at least one full time staff member working with this collection or at this department
• a Jewish museum not based in Europe but with a particular and explicit relation to European Jewish culture and history and to Jewish museums in Europe
• a Jewish museum or museum service in Europe still in the course of establishment

1.4 Individuals wishing to join the AEJM and to support the aims of the AEJM as Individual Associate Member (4.3) can apply for membership if they are either:
• able to contribute to the activities of the AEJM with their expertise in the field of Judaica, Jewish history and culture, or museology
• working with an organization whose activities are strongly related to and supportive of the aims of the AEJM

1.5 Honorary Members can be proposed by the Board only and should be approved by the AGM in order to acknowledge significant merits with respect to the AEJM. Honorary Members have access to the General Meeting and are authorized to address the General Meeting. Honorary Members are not entitled to vote.

1.6 Information on new memberships applications, for both Full and Associate members, will be collected and will be sent out to AEJM members, together with their references, in advance of the AGM. The General meeting will then decide on requests for membership.

1.7 Benefactors (5.) can be individuals or organizations who support the AEJM with substantial funds on an annual basis. The Board can issue regulations for categories of benefactors in order to attract benefactors and to regulate donations.


2. Obligations (article 7 of the bylaws)

2.1. A fee of Euro 250 is to be paid as a registration fee on entering the AEJM as a full member.

2.2. A fee of Euro 100 to be paid as a registration fee is due on entering the AEJM as an associate member.

2.3. AEJM recognises three categories of membership for institutions, the category for each museum to be determined by the number of full time equivalent (FTE) staff, including all staff employed by the museum, such as security and other support staff: small museums (1-5 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff), medium sized museums (6-20 FTE) and large museums (more than 20 FTE).

2.4. The annual membership fees to be paid by full members, based on these categories, will be:
• Small museums Euro 100 per annum
• Medium museums Euro 200 per annum
• Large museums Euro 400 per annum
The above rates are effective since 2009.

2.5. The annual membership fee to be paid by associate members, based on these categories, will be:  • Small institutions and individuals: Euro 100 per annum • Medium and large institutions: Euro 200 The above rates are effective since 2010.

2.6. The annual fees will be used to cover the administration costs of the AEJM.

2.7. The surplus of the registration fees, if any, will also be used to cover the administration costs of the AEJM.

2.8. Membership fees for the following years will be decided upon at the next General Meeting after the report of the auditors of the previous period.

2.9. Fees are to be transferred into the bank account of the AEJM with ABN-AMRO Bankers, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, account number


3. Board (article 9 of the bylaws)

3.1. The number of Board members shall be a minimum of four, to include a chairman, a deputy chairman/treasurer, and a secretary. If possible, the Board should include a member from both Eastern Europe and Western Europe.

3.2. A General Meeting shall be held within two years of the previous General Meeting.

3.3. A Board may serve with the same composition for a maximum period of three General meetings.

3.4. An individual may serve as a member of the Board for a maximum of six General Meetings in total.

3.5. In the event of a lack of candidates for a seat on the Board articles 3.3 – 3.4 are waived.


4. Attendance at General Meeting/Conference (articles 12-15 of the bylaws)

4.1. Participation in the conference is restricted to members of AEJM, but the Board will be empowered to allow attendance at conferences to persons responsible for Jewish culture and/or for history institutions, although they will not be allowed to vote at a General Meeting.

4.2. Only members of the professional staff of an AEJM member museum may attend the Conference and General Meeting, but, in the case of small voluntary museums, a volunteer or a board member may attend.

4.3. Any other persons relating to a member museum may be accepted for attendance at the conference only at the request of the relevant institution and with the authorisation of the AEJM Board. The request should be made to the AEJM Board at least two months in advance of the AEJM meeting. An additional guest fee will be charged in such cases, payable to the host institution.

4.4. Each full member may send a maximum of three delegates to the conference and AGM, with the exception of the institution hosting the conference which may send more delegates.

4.5. Associate members may send a maximum of two delegates to the conference and AGM. According to the bylaws, they may attend the AGM as well as the conference but are not allowed to cast votes (bylaws 4.1 and 12.4).

4.6. Guests may attend the conference by invitation and authorisation of the AEJM Board on payment of a guest fee (see paragraphs 4.1 and 4.3 above). However, they cannot attend the General Meeting.

4.7. One delegate from each AEJM member museum may attend the conference without paying a conference fee, but a conference fee must be paid for any additional delegates, with the exception of the museum hosting the conference.


5. General Meeting/ Conference venue and procedures (articles 12-15 of the bylaws)

5.1. At each conference the members of a General Meeting will agree on the venue for the next conference with one or two reserve locations. Offers to host the AEJM conference should be sent to the AEJM Board at least two months in advance of the annual conference, so that information can then be sent out for consideration by members prior to the AGM. The decision regarding conference venues for the following years will then be taken at the agm.

Those offering to host the conference will be asked to complete a form, downloadable from the website. This will include a note that AEJM is not able to provide funds towards the conference costs.

5.2. The General Meeting/Conference will not meet twice in succession in the same country.

5.3. The hosting museum and the AEJM Board will set up the Conference programme in close cooperation. The final programme should be approved by the Board.

5.4. Should circumstances force the country chosen for the next conference to revoke its undertaking, the Board is empowered to invite the first reserve to host the conference; should the first reserve no longer be in a position to accept, then the second will be invited.

5.5. The main expenses of the conference will be borne by the host country but the participants may be expected to pay a conference fee to be decided by the host.

5.6. The chairperson of the Association will administer the session and will ensure that the formal conference programme includes a General Meeting. Matters to be brought before the General Meeting should be presented to the Board not less than two months before the commencement of the conference. 

5.7. The number of delegates from each AEJM member attending a General Meeting should be restricted to two.

5.8. At the General Meeting elections will be held (article 9) and the venue for the next conference agreed upon.