Travel Grants

Participants of the AEJM Annual Conference may apply at the AEJM for a Conference Travel Grant to partly cover the expenses for travel and accommodation.

Eligibility AEJM members

Conference Travel Grants are only rewarded to AEJM member institutions that do not have sufficient financial means to send one (1) delegate to the Annual Conference. Applications for museums that intend to attend the conference with more than one delegate are not accepted. Only AEJM members that have paid the 2018 membership fee are eligible for a Conference Travel Grant.

Eligibility non-members

Conference Travel Grants are only rewarded to representatives of non-member institutions – Jewish museums or non-Jewish museums with a significant Jewish collection – with small financial means that intend to apply for AEJM membership (Full or Associate) within one year. The AEJM only accepts applications for one (1) representative; applications for second or third delegates are not accepted.

For more information and the Conference Travel Grant application form, please contact Conference Coordinator Nikki Boot: